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Thread: X frame plans wanted

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    X frame plans wanted

    in a moment of temporary insanity I purchased a F355 spyder kit. So now I am looking for a detailed plan including attachment points for the reinforcing "X frame" under the chassis. thanks
    What was I thinking??!!  I could have a VR4 Spyder for this kind of money.

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    Re: X frame plans wanted

    Hey, I have some plans as to how to do the rail reinforcements. That is what I did. Basically all it is is a steel tube that you run in the feiro rocker panel. You cut a whole at the rear of the rocker and then drive the pipe in. Here is a pic of what it looks like after.

    If you look right in front of the water line you can see it, its not a good pic. If you want I can get you some better pics and specs as well.


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    Re: X frame plans wanted

    I would suggest something like this added to the rear.
    It needs it. There are many ways to do the same thing.
    It has a square tube welded into the angle iron that runs along the bottom of the door.

    Here is a pic of my x frame I would suggest incorporating the X and the pics above.

    The lambo guys do some neat x frames.

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