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Thread: Better quality Lexan?

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    Better quality Lexan?

    ???From my days of drag and stockcar racing I have learned that the first time you wipe Lexan it scratches. Isn't there a better quality material than Lexan that can be cut and formed? Expensive?
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    Re: Better quality Lexan?

    "lexan" is a brand name plexiglass. there are companies that produce an AR (abrasion resistant) plexi- it comes in a variety of thicknesses, for auto applications I would use 1/8". I own a Flat glass business i cut a great deal of plexi for picture framing. the company that I get my plexi-glass is Ain Plasitics-its in Atlanta, but they are nationwide and they can cut and send via UPS -if you need a # email me and i'll look up the local outlet's.
    after its cut the appropriate shape it can be shaped using a heat gun ON LOW POWER!!! or a good hairdyer on high!!!

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    Re: Better quality Lexan?

    : Beware! Lexan ain't plexiglass and Vice versa....

    Lexan is very break-resistant while plexiglass is quite brittle and can crack while you're cutting it with a jig saw.

    There ARE various grades of Lexan, (I don't have my catalog nearby) and I'm pretty sure that there is one formulated for "windows" that is more scratch resistant. Nevertheless, you have to be VERY carefull when cleaning any of the plastics. your choice of cleaning material and cleaning cloth are crucial to long clear life from the Lexan.

    DON"T USE PLEXIGLASS & buy your Lexan with advice from your local plastics supplier.

    Don Roger


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