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Thread: throttle body

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    throttle body

    tried to start new car cranks but no fuel coming from injector :'( tried changing ecm with a spare unit still nothing ..checked for power at injector at red wire good when key on but goes right through to blue wire if i ground out blue wire i get fuel out of inj any suggestion on fix?????..thanks ronald j

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    Re: throttle body

    First of all... What motor are we talking about?

    Second, how long has the motor "sat". Is it a swap that has been sitting for some time?

    I think I know the answer but before I spout off, I'd like to get these questions answered.

    Take heart, it's probably a SIMPLE problem!

    I had the VERY SAME problem with my 3.4L TDC motor when I first installed it into my Fiero. Thought it was the ECM, or the wiring, or something major... It wasn't

    DKOV -

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    Re: throttle body

    it sat for 2 yrs and it's a stock 2.5 4std

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    Re: throttle body


    Try this... It will take TWO people...

    Fuel will "film over" after it has sat for a while so you will need to find any and all places that fuel moves through small opeings such as injectors and such.

    Get a long necked, flat edge screw driver and a medium sized hammer. Have somebody sit in the car with the key in the ignition but not "on".

    Each place that has a very small area for fuel to flow through, place the flat edge screw driver at the base or as near the opening as you can. Begin tapping on the screw driver with the hammer as the assistant in the driver's seat turns the car over a few times.

    The Fiero ECU will stop the flow of fuel to the motor after three seconds if it doesn't detect a start, so don't keep turning it over for more than those three seconds. Usually, a couple of turns will do for each try.

    Keep chasing the fuel path until things begin to cough and sputter. If you get a cough, you are tapping in the right place and tap some more.

    The tapping breaks that film away and alows the fuel to start flowing again. Once the motor kicks over a time or two, even if it doesn't start right away, the vibration of the motor should start to help you out by breaking other places loose.

    Of course, by tapping, I don't mean HAMMER the driver but give it a good solid tap, tap, tap. Enough for the engine to feel it, but not enough to pry something loose or crack anything.

    If that doesn't work, then start from the Fuel Return hose and test for fuel. You can jumper the Fuel sylinoid and make the pump run continually while you chase your fuel path.

    Once you get infront of the factory pressure riser, you will get greater pressure to the system, so be careful breaking lines apart. Crack them slowly and look for fuel seeping out. If you get fuel, you're probably stuck with the first solution I mentioned above. If you're NOT getting fuel, keep chasing it backwards until you get fuel and that should tell you where the "clog" is in the lines.

    Of course, I assume you have checked the filter and the pump for operation.

    If neither of these attempts work, let me know. Heck, if they DO work, let me know!

    Just don't think that the tapping method will work instantly. It took me nearly 10 minutes of tapping to break things loose! Then it chugged and sputtered a few minutes, then caught.

    It may take yours little or more time. Just give it a shot!

    Oh, and check to make sure there is AIR getting to the intake too

    Good Luck!

    DKOV -

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