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Thread: Brake caliper question

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    Brake caliper question

    just bought two rebuilt calipers and I have two questions about the Rear fiero calipers.
    1) One caliper seems to have a different type of piston then the other caliepr - the grooves in the metal are different - does this mean they gave me the wrong caliper?
    2) I am unable to retract the piston on one of the caliper - I used ogre's cave instructions but the piston just slowly moves back out and won't stay retracted.

    The retainer clip doesn't want to attach to the different piston type.
    There is also a different type of bolt to hold on the parking brake lever on the the caliper with the different piston type. I remember Ogre mentioning a while back that it was very important to have the right type of bolt screwed on - is it possible there are two types of bolts which would fit properly?

    The reason I need to retract the piston even though its a new caliper is because when I took of the bolt which holds on the parking brake the piston began to move out.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Brake caliper question

    Mix and match is NEVER a good idea, even if they came as options on the same model year!

    Sounds to me that, when they rebuilt the odd caliper, they used what they had "laying around", rather than OEM parts. That is not very comforting, especially when you ask yourself why they got the caliper MISSING those parts to begin with!

    As much time and energy you have spent with, what your FOURTH set now?.... You should just send them all back, get your money returned and buy a NEW set from a GM dealer or from the Fiero Store or something.

    In fact, I have a set of 88 brakes that are in GREAT condition, sitting in a box. I pulled them off when I added the 13 inch brakes. I'm sure there are others with left over kits.

    Bottom line is, you need to TRUST you brakes. Don't drive around wondering if they will hold or not.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Brake caliper question

    Yup, Fourth pair! Returned all of the first three, this is unbelievable!!! Defective Piston, Stripped brake line hose hole, Once they even put two left side brakes on the car!

    I wish I didn't have to deal with rebuilt brakes, but GM brakes are $350 or so per brake, which is more then I paid for the pair! Then again, can't go wrong with OEM.

    Yet another situation where I wish I would of just got the 13" held in the begining and would have skipped this whole mess :P

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    Re: Brake caliper question

    Hey Ari,

    I have to ask, where are you buying these calipers from? I need to redo the rears on my car and want to make sure I stay away... :-) Being in right in the heart of Scarborough, I do have a bunch of choices.



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    Re: Brake caliper question

    Well, don't touch Canadian Tire with a ten foot pole - i was never able to get a none-defective caliper from them, and had to fight to return it... The problem with their calipers is that if a thread has been stripped/destroyed they just glue in a new one, which is very unsafe...

    Dial auto parts is the one which im currently dealing with... nice guys, will see what the service is like tomorrow morning

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