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Thread: Wiring info needed

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    Wiring info needed

    Hi, I posted yesterday but in the wrong area. I have a 84 fiero that came with a 4 cyclinder. I have access to a 2001 3800 Monte Carlo V-6. I want to know, I ve heard where you can buy a wiring harness rather then changing all the pins. Does anyone know of a good reputable place to get this from??



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    Re: Wiring info needed

    I remember seeing a thread about this on Pennock's Fiero Forum ( You might want to check them out and see if its in the archives (Search!)

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    Re: Wiring info needed

    It's there. I remember seeing reading about it, but I also can't recall what the exact link is.

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    Re: Wiring info needed


    Try Ace Engineering.
    and give Rich Cutter a call. Ask him if he has or can get a harness for you. I'm 99% sure he can.

    I know they have half of a 2.8 harnes laying around somewhere from when they combined my 3.4 harness

    The company is VERY reutable and I highly recommend them. I'd stake my reputation on it!

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