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Thread: fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforcement

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    fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforcement

    well where do i begin i have in my possession an extra fiero frame and i want to give it a good cutting!! i have a sawzall and i am trigger happy!! i want to get a spyder and i want to cut off the roof. now i see all of yall have cut the frame 3 inches behind the rear window and just completely cut off the roof. now as for the front dosent the front needs to be cut 5 inches or so back?
    and the final thing is the 3 inch stretch: i know the body must be cut 3 inches but what about the engine cradle? ive taken it out and i wonder if that has to be cut???? and the x frame reinforcement do i make that myself? i have measured out a 1/4 inch thick x box to go underneath my fiero and i wonder if you all purchased yours or did yall make them yourselves???????

    all info will be assimilated lol!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforceme

    My car doesn't use an X frame, instead it is re-enforced on the sides, will post pics once I take em :P

    I would also be interested in the points on the frame where people cut their roofs off. Pictures, anyone?

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    Re: fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforceme

    I had the same question about the engine cradle here's what I came up with (instead of cutting the engine cradle)-

    using 3"x1/8" flat steel (Home Depot):
    1. cut four 6" pieces-find center(shortways) mark 1.5" on either side of center-find & mark center(longways).
    2. where the lines intersect, drill two 1/2" holes.
    3. place 2 of the pieces on the INSIDE of the cradle-to-chassis bracket. on both sides line up 1 of the
    cradle-to-chassis bracket holes with one of the corresponding new piece's hole. place a 1/2" grade 8 bolt through the cradle-to-chassis bracket and the pair of extentions.
    4. level the new pieces-clamp and weld to the cradle-to-chassis bracket.
    5. repeat for the other side
    6. run the original bolts through the back holes and the cradle
    torque the nut down

    i hope this helps

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    Re: fiero frame cut points and x frame reinforceme

    Rydah My chassis with a 7 inch stretch was done when I bought it. Howeve.r the actual cut line on the rear frame rail is 11 inches behind the rear firewall. If I look at the very top of the lower rear frame rail where it meets the firewall and measure back 11 inch, that's the spot.
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