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Thread: 6-speed conversion

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    6-speed conversion

    I was on the net today and found a company that's makes a 6-speed front wheel drive transmission. for awhile there I thought that I could finnally get my kit almost like the real thing. Untill I found out how much the stupid trans is. $15,000.00 for it. Unfortunetly that is way out of my budget. I ahd a hard enough time making payments to get my kit. Well if any one out there is willing to fork up the cash the transmission is a Quaife (european). If you go on the net the website is, if you want to call and ask questions the number is 949-240-4000.

    If any one knows of any cheaper 6-speeds let me know.

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    I think the kit that you already have is good if it is working properly. The 6 speed conversion system has the same price as I had already come up to know about it. If you want to get the details of it so I will must share you.

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    You just replied to an 11 year old thread !!

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