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Thread: AC/Heater control interchangability?

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    AC/Heater control interchangability?

    Does anyone know of an AC/Heater control that can be used in place of the stock Fiero's control? Thanks!

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    Re: AC/Heater control interchangability? Attn Dave Newmman!

    good question

    Hey Funny, I have a line on a set of OEM temp controls that I obviously want to mount in my console.

    Have you figured out how to use this puppy?
    Can the 90 degree plug on back be moved to the side for a stealthy install?
    Is there enough depth under the console above the "hump" to use the OEM control?
    Do you need teh schematics?

    Do you have a drop floor?
    Who can we conttact to get this modified?
    Is $500 a good price for the controls? Anywhere cheaper?

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    Re: AC/Heater control interchangability?

    Quote Originally Posted by Modena
    Is $500 a good price for the controls? Anywhere cheaper?

    $500 is not bad. I paid $600 for a used one from a salvage yard. Every once in a blue moon one will go on eBay for $300 or so. I look for 355 stuff daily on eBay for the past year and a half and have only ever seen two HVAC controls for a 355. It may be a while before you come across another set. I've learned that if you will need it and one is availible, buy it. If you wait a few months until you need it, it usually costs twice as much. Aren't ferrari parts good like that?
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