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Thread: Wannabe Fiero owner

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    Wannabe Fiero owner


    I'm a wannabe Fiero owner & I have a couple of beasts lined up to look at/test drive.

    Are there particular "soft spots" or expensive-to-fix symptoms I should look out for? Keep in mind that up here we have the dread salt-monster in the winter: what gets eaten?

    Don Roger

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    Re: Wannabe Fiero owner

    From personal experience:

    Carpeting hides the biggest problems! The trunk area, in the corners, are usually rusted right through. Also check in the passenger and drivers side under the carpet, there are drain holes which are ussualy rusted right through as well. Check the battery area (north east corner of engine compartment) to see if its tray has rusted away, this normally happens as well.

    That's all I can think of for now...


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