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Thread: installing body panels

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    installing body panels

    Hello all, As a few of you know i have a testarossa kit that i am building and i have no instructions. Can anyone recommend what body pannels do you install first as so the rest of the pannels can have a refrence point when aligning the body pannels. When you bolt two panels of fiberglass together such as fender to bumper do you install any kind of gasket between them.Can anyone recommend a good brand of body filler. Thanks for any advice


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    Re: installing body panels

    jam1875, this is what I did when I built my 328's. First of all you have to take your time and be patient. I would put my front clip on first, but I would not bolt the bolts down tight and I also would leave the finder bolts loose or out all together near the end where it lines up with the door. When I was satisfied with the way it looked, I would go to the rear clip and do the same. Last thing I would do is the door skins. When you are satisfied with the way it lines up, bolt all the pannels down. That's it in nut shell. You might have to put them on and off severial times before you are satisfied with the way it looks... that's where your patients comes into play. Take your time and end result will be worth it.

    I used two sided foam tape to put between my fiberglass peaces and also between the fiberglass and the car frame.

    Go to a body supply shop like NAPA for good materals. They can reconmend the right stuff for your job...

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    Re: installing body panels

    I was told the exact opposite. I was told to mount door skins first and make sure they closed and lined up properly, then to mount front and rear clips. Mines worked out OK, but not perfect, but mines a daily driver except in snow n ice. With my luck if I spent all the extra time to get it exactly right, someone would run into it.

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    Re: installing body panels

    And yet another set of instructions....

    I was told to mount the roof/rear section first, then the doors, then the front then the rear. Loosely at first to allow for adjustments.

    Very specifically, I was told that the key to lining up all the panels correctly was the roofline and rear deck (one piece), then aligning everything from there.

    I suppose that it's really just builder preference... Who knows for sure?

    DKOV -

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    Re: installing body panels

    It all depends on what kit car your are building and your experence plus preferences in doing things......

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