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    cutting cost

    Hi ,now that spring is just about here,we all crawl out in to our garage and try to finish our dreams .The cars I'm talking. but do me a favor take your time and if it takes a one more year ,let it be. to cut cost of extra dollar on better parts or labour you'll be sorry after.specialy when you see someone else same car and it looks or drives better then yours. then you come across some wanabe builders/critics ,but for those In have dif answer. I'm driving my 25th for 3 years and every winter I'm re do my mistakes.Kitcarnut- yes I'm .

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    Re: cutting cost

    I realized that My car will not be done for this summer, Although I am sure It will be ready for next summer. There are so many little things that take so much time to get right, I just want my car to be as safe as possible and not have to fiddle with doors and decklids to close properly. Anyways I completly agree with Kitcarnut take your time It will be worth it in the end.


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    Re: cutting cost

    Yeah... I think we all know just how far out of hand any project of this kind can get! Some more than others

    Still, the building is the real fun, I think. Then the STORIES of the Building, THEN the car itself.

    You can always say, I own this or that, but being able to say "Did you enjoy the ride? Oh, and I BUILT this car." I can't wait for THAT!

    I agree whole heartedly. Take you time, save money for those special touches, don't scrimp but don't pay too much. Do your research and PLAN. Most of all, don't comprimise "just to" do something or to "get started" or to "finish this last step". Chances are, you'll regret it sometime in the future!

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    Re: cutting cost

    you guys are right. but you know we will always be working,upgrading and changing these vehicles. I wanted the 300 hp. v8, but told myself that would be after the children went to college. Dont set your goals/dreams too high...that you never get to drive it and end up selling it. just a little advice. I told myself if the v6 is still holding up when it comes time to drop in the crate motor i would experiment with some NOS. :-* :-*

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    Re: cutting cost

    I put my slightly modified 308 kit together and on the road in a few months time. That way I got to enjoy it the whole time. every winter went back and did a few projects. Seats and carpet one winter, dash, headliner, better paint the next. Instead of spending all the money at once on expensive emblems, i had a friend at a graphics store make them all out of vinyl, then bought the real ones 1 or 2 at a time. Currently im working on replacing qtr window louvers with smooth glass and adding 288 GTO style louvers behind rear wheels.

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