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Thread: 355 Radio Antenna

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    355 Radio Antenna

    Can anyone tell me where the radio antenna on a real 355 is located? I want to put the antenna at the same place on my replica but can seem to locate it when I look at a real 355.

    Can anyone help me please?


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    Re: 355 Radio Antenna

    I had a one of those new 12" or 18"(don't know correct length) flexable rubber antenna's mounted on the top of my roof, I gues by Euroworks. My buddy with the 512 replica liked the way it looked so much he had me mount one in the same spot on his Ferrari. It looks reallw cool and alot of Exotics are mounting the same kind in the same spots nowdays. Not authenic but very classy looking. You can pick up a used one at a junkyard for about $50.00

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    Re: 355 Radio Antenna

    I just got my antenna recently, I had been looking for a low profile antenna for quite some time. I finally found one at Princess Auto for $9.99 Can. I think it would look good on most kits (You could hide it just about anywhere). I am going to mount mine just behind my rear window on the decklid. It also has an inline amplifier, Oh I put the match pack in the pic for size comparison.


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