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Thread: Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?

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    Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?

    i'm getting the Konig Reigns ,and was wondering how big are the replica wheel caps for this wheel...2...2.5 inches?

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    Re: Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?

    You can go with real Ferrari Wheel Caps but you can also use Ferrari wheel hub stick-on caps. They are MUCH cheaper and will go right onto the Reigns, which is a 2 inch center cap.

    I had a set but I sold them with the Konig Reigns. My new Real 355 rims (by the way, I still have another set for sale ) have a domed, jeweled center cap which is slightly different from the adhesive center caps but LOOK identical.

    So, in short, 2 inches.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?

    Damn, mine are 1.6 inches...

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    Re: Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?
    This guy was nice enough to make the 1.75" for me.
    They should come in shortly and I'll tell you guys about the quality.

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    Re: Replica Ferrari Wheel Caps?

    I got mine from International Auto Parts in Va or Md. I cant find their catalog right now, but they are a Fiat Restoration supplier, so you might do a search there. There perfect copies of original Ferrari and enameled steel, 2" in diam. If I remember they were $24 each. They also have all copies (all metal none plastic) of all Ferrari and Lambo emblems. Excellent quality. I got next day delivery.

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