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Thread: Stores that carry bushing replacements?

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    Stores that carry bushing replacements?

    I'm in the process of replacing my rear left axle (Gota figure out the best way to get the seal in the tranny, don't have the right tools), and have noticed two of my bushings are destroyed. I know of may mail order and web baseed places to buy them from, but I want to get my car on the road TODAY. Anybody know of local chains which carry that kind of stuff, or is it a dealer-only situation?

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    Re: Stores that carry bushing replacements?

    Hey Ari:

    Have you tried Crappy Tire they tend to carry alot of that stuff, I always check there before the dealer. Also If you have any privatley owned local auto parts stores they usually have alot of aftermarket parts.

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    Re: Stores that carry bushing replacements?

    Yes Cdn Tire has them .. I bought 4 and only used two..
    they are cheap. They go in quite nicely with a properly
    sized socket and a small sledge hammer (a hammer wont do).

    So get the seals, open one up head to the sockets
    and find one that fits nicely over the middle of the seal.
    My guess is 1.5inch or so..

    To get them out you can borrow a seal puller from Cdn
    Tire loaner program or a good size screwdriver can
    often pull them out..

    Dont scratch the inside if you do then use some rtv sealant.
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