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Thread: Door lock switchs

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    Door lock switchs

    I'm curious as to what you are all doing about the internal door lock switches on your kit cars? (The ones right below the door handle inside the car). Are you relocating them? If so what type of switches are you using to relocate them?

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    Re: Door lock switchs

    Depending on the interior panel kit, you can either hide them in and below the "arm rest" or simply leave them out and rely soley on the electric locks.

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    Re: Door lock switchs

    You can use your door-lock switches and install them anywhere by using the "single" rectangular mount plates out of GM cars of the same years. I found these nice single mounts while pilfering through a wrecking yard....only I can't remember what model Gm. The single mounts use the same lock switches as the Fieros', so, you may find better switches at the same time. A guess at the model/yr would be 6000/86 or a GrandAm. Maybe a GM parts guy might help. I could probably get a pic of this, the car is stored....LMK.

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