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Thread: Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

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    Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    What are you guys using for your backup systems?
    I was going to buy a camera online for like $62 including shipping that flips the image...that sounded pretty cheap to me compared to some that are selling for more like $250

    I was gonna look for a used color tft palm tv to mount in my dash or just buy a seperate monitor if I could get one cheap enough. I am trying to keep this around the $150 price point.

    Any suggestions?
    What are you guys using?

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    Re:Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    When I was down at SEMA in november I picked up a camera
    and monitor set. I forget the brand but I'll see if I can find it.
    It's a 9-12 Volt DC system and the image flips for reverse
    applications. The monitor is a small 3" and crystal clear.
    it was $189.00 for the monitor camera and wiring.


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    Re:Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    Just make sure it's weather proof, and/or color.I saw a Lambo with the camera under the rear spoiler.Todays modern electronics,alow for very small cameras in tight areas.
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    Re:Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    I bought a system from JC Whitney of all places. the moniter is built into the rear view mirror. Kinda pricey at $499.00 but VERY high quality. I will be using this in my Daytona Coupe project
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    Re:Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    well as far as the weatherproofing
    my car will never be out in rain as im not planning on putting a windshieldwiper on as well as the fact that my front hood isnt really weatherproofed enough to not burn out the headlightmotors and fan relays etc. Also i dont know if any of u guys have ever had ur lambo kits out in the rain but when u open the doors...forget about it...the rain falls right into the car interior.

    i found a couple of tvs that are good for this purpose as they are square with the tuners of the sets behind the pic instead of underneath the picture making them longer in the overall footprint of the palmtop tv. The one i like best right now is the casio EV4500 it has a 4"screen and all the connections for a/v input are in the rear. It is $200 at bestbuys and circuit city electronics stores however they are selling them on ebay factory refurbished for $129..I just dont know if I should risk it...

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    Re:Backup monitor/camera for Countach?

    pinhole cameras sell for really cheap on ebay but you would
    need one of those LCD screens that can reverse the picture
    left to right like someone befroe had mentioned.
    if you do that, it also lets you put in a second camera or even
    third with nightvision (also cheap on ebay) and just use a
    switch to change between them.
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