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Thread: $1000 CAN ($650 US)  suspension upgrade?

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    $1000 CAN ($650 US)  suspension upgrade?

    You have $1000 Canadian ($650ish USD) to spend on a suspension upgrade for your 4Ari replica (Including shipping and tax)... everything is currently stock... what do you buy? (And where do you buy them?)

    Hypothetical, of course ;D

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    Re: $1000 CAN ($650 US) *suspension upgrade?

    I'll ask a friend of mine who's really into Fiero's, he upgraded his suspension I'll get back to you.

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    Re: $1000 CAN ($650 US) *suspension upgrade?

    Thanks william, i was thinking rear sway bar, some lowering springs, new shocks... just need prices on all these things, (And brands)

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    Re: $1000 CAN ($650 US) *suspension upgrade?

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    Re: $1000 CAN ($650 US) *suspension upgrade?

    I went with lowered spindles on the front,
    koni adjustable shocks front and rear
    and lowering springs on the rear.
    The lowering springs plus the lowered spindels on the
    front make the car toooooo low.

    If I recall I purchased springs and spindles from and the shocks I got used online.

    Check (i think) for the spring brand as
    well as the lowered spindles .. there really is only
    one maker of these things. PS. They may insist
    on selling you front and rear springs as a pkg.

    It works .. its not the epensive solution..but it works.

    Oh yes .. Suzuki tail lights can be purchased NEW
    from just about any where for 60$. I got mine
    from a junkyard .. I went looking for used and
    they said hey we can order you new ones for 60$.

    So check with NAPA or Canadian Tire or Cross Canada
    Auto Supply or ?????
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    Re: $1000 CAN ($650 US) *suspension upgrade?

    I have the drop spindles you need.
    E mail me

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