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    Good news amigos, In Ontario no emision test on Kit cars as of Jan 1 2002. must be register as RBT.(rebuilt) if your kit is registed as Fiero and have a V8 , good luck.To re register your replica is not that hard.$ 50-100. later Ed .

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    Ed - I haven't registered my car at all yet - what's involved? Got any links with more info on it?

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    first colect receipts of all your parts,donor car,body etc. go to Public Notary(most lawyers) you'll swear that all work was done by your self,no partners or the fee.At MTO fillup aplication for kit cars and home made vehicel.choose your own VIN # or use donor car again.done.How ever they will not put on Owners ship Lambo or Ferrari or what are you cloning. so let say you have IFG kit,it will be IFG RBT as your Make Model. Brand none until you have colission and car gets writen off by insurance.So any car that has brand RBT, car was previeosly write off and re fixed.More? later

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