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Thread: Wheel Adaptors ?

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    Wheel Adaptors ?

    Hey everybody:
    * * * * * * * * * * I need rims for my Lamborghini Countach kit but don't want to spend the Huge money on replica rims. I have found rims with the negative offset I need that look like the lambo style, but not the right bolt pattern. The only rims that I can find that fit the fiero bolt pattern Dont have a negative offset.

    I was thinking of buying wheel adaptors but aparently they are unsafe, Because they are made of aluminum. Does anyone know if there are steel wheel adaptors? What is everyone using on there cars?

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    I've been told different things about their saftey - they are not AS SAFE as using true bolt pattern wheels, but that doesn't mean they aren't safe (The fact is after you chop up the body of a car, strech it a few inches, and put a non-original body and engine on/in it, it is ussualy no longer "as safe" as the donor, doesn't mean its NOT safe (or so I hope!) )

    Some wheel adapter manufacturers:

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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    Lamboman. What is the bolt pattern on the wheels that won't fit? I know you can redrill your Fiero hubs on the front up to at least 108 mm. Don't know about the rear.
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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    Thanks for the reply's, I was told I could redrill my hubs at the wheel shop. They said I need to redrill to 5 on 4 1/2 or 5 on 4 3/4, Then the sky Is the limit as far as wheels go.

    Thanks Again:

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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    That drilling sounds like the way to go.Wheel aqdapters if you decide to go that way are gonna have to be 1and a 1/2 inch thick. but I think as far as saftey goes they will be ok as long as you periodically check and make sure that they are tight. The only horror story that I have ever heard that I could be certain that was true was that a wheel adapter came loose on the free way. I have them on my F40 and have had no problems with them and I have driven to la and lasvegas from Phx. several times and no problems for me ,and I due check the torque on them regularly and have never had to re tighten them .hope this helps
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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    no rite way is going to be cheap. The very best and safest way is getting a suspension kit that has longer control arms and axles. Even looks better in the long run because you dont need to use a deep offset wheel. If you look at Ferraris and Lambos, youll see that the lugs are almost even with the lip, not deep dished at all. My way was middle of the road. went with deep dish custom wheels, moved out 2 inches from stock and with Fiero bolt pattern. They were roughly only $275 per wheel.

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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    My way ..
    Purchase adapters from the Catalogue company
    JCWhitney in the states .. something like 40$ per pair.
    You buy the 4" to 4.5" conversion. 4.5" is a typical
    chevy wheel pattern. You can buy any rim to fit
    that pattern. I bought some nice American Racing Rims
    at a very reasonable price.

    These adapters add 1" to the offset so again a typical
    offset (maximum available probably) will fit nicely.

    No racing with these adapters thou..

    Why does this work? 4" is pretty darn close to 100mm.
    You just use a round file and 1 or 2 strokes in each
    hole and it works fine.
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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    those alloy adapters have lots of issues. The center hole doesnt fit the hub snug, relies on the lugs to keep it centered, so they can work themselves loose. The studs themselves can work loose in the adapter itself, making it impossible to take off a wheel without a cutting torch. Ive had to do that, so I know. Finally, if you do any kind of aggresive driving there very prone to breaking or allowing the studs to break out of the adapter. I know 2 guys that lost wheels in curves like that, one car lost front bumper cover and front fender, other totalled his car. Just not worth it in my opininon to take the chance. They may be OK for just around town driving, but Id would just make me too nervous.
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    Re: Wheel Adaptors ?

    People get Spacers and Adapter spacers mixed up.
    You usually hear bad stories about the wheel spacers that are only “spacers”. *
    These are used like putting washers on your bolts.
    Then putting the wheels on and tightening the nuts on the original bolts.

    The good ones are the wheel spacers that bolt onto the hub.
    Then the wheel bolts to the adapters.
    I have never talked to anyone who has had any problems with this kind.

    I’m using adapter/spacers from *

    I bought the wheels I wanted. *
    Then blocked the car up on the A arms to ride height.
    Next I placed the wheels in the wells and then measured them to where I wanted them to ride.
    Then I ordered the size spacers that I needed (wanted).

    Fred the owner of is a guy who raced dragsters.
    One of his cars was banned from running NHRA tracks because of the speeds it was reaching.
    This was in the early 80s Quarter Mile at 357 MPH in 4.2 seconds

    I did tons of research before I bought anything! I talked back and forth with Fred and JDWheels to get what "wheels and spacer/adapters" that would be the strongest and what would work the best together.

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    Re:Wheel Adaptors ?

    I have located a new source for wheel adapters in Tampa. You can get a set that is Fiero hub centric and also uses load centric lugs. They are made from aircraft billet aluminum with standard length Chevy truck studs. Each set is custom made for your car. A set that is 1 inch front and 3 inch rear as used on a 355 Ferrari kit mounted to an 88 Fiero chassis is only $349.

    FYI, A typical 84-87 chassis will use 2 inch front and 4 inch rear, $399.

    Not a bad deal for the quality. Long ARP Studs are $20 per wheel additional. If your using OEM 355 wheels you will need the longer 3 inch studs.


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