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    am installing new interior and trashing the standard delco radio that came with the 86 fiero. Bought a pioneer radio/cd player. will i need any new harness or will the pioneer connect directly to existing speakers , power source etc.Thanks

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    Re: radio

    You will probablyneed a new harness. You can get them supercheap and walmart.

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    Re: radio

    You might want to concider one of those radio adapter kits, too. They work really well in adapting an aftermarket head unit to GM's opening. Can't imagine doing it from scratch and for the $15 or so, it's not worth the effort.
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    Re: radio

    Also, if your old radio is in good condition you may be able to get $20-40 for it on ebay.

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    Re: radio

    With a test light and the factory radio removed, test for constant 12 volts with the key off. Use this wire
    Test for 12 volts only when the key is turned on. Use this wire
    Use a metal part of the dash for a ground. Double check it with the testlight clip and 12 volts.

    Speaker wires are usally paired or coloured like this - (green + grenn with black strip -) and so on.
    If you are not sure, take a AA battery and connect it between the + and - that you think is the speaker wires.
    That speaker will buzz.

    Antenna is obvious. Remote trigger for an amp may need more wiring.

    simple huh


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