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Thread: Nissan Engine

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    Nissan Engine

    Does anyone have experience with the Nissan 3.5 V-6 engines...same motor is used in the Infinity G35 and Nissan 350Z...I might have one lined up for my car...I have a Porshce tranny...I will need a new adaptor plate...anyone know what else it will need to bolt on?...I'm going under the assumtion it will be shorter than a Chevy 350SB?...any help would be great
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    Re: Nissan Engine

    I would think that any speed shop or machine shope can make you an adaptor plate.Do you have the ECM computer and wireing harness or are you planning some sort of diffrent modification?You may have to weld on some engine mounting brackets,but the depends,what holds the stock moter down,I cant say much because I didn't remove my motor,Im useing the stock motor...
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