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Thread: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

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    new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    Hi everybody
    If anyones looking to lose that ugly side ways engine please contact me. Im starting to put my
    new kit on the market for a V-8 to fit straight in the engine well. with an even better frame support whats cool is it also allows more HP and better handling. prices are still being set, but first couple will go cheap!!!!!!. the kit includes all metals and a very user freindly manual. also my 355 kit is the first one with it and she handles better than my 1999 skyline gtr. I you have any questions please reply.the kits vary. KIT A comes with adapter plate and flywheel and all engine mounts. KIT B comes with same as kit a but front engine plate,for belt drivin items.
    Im extremly excited to share this amazing set up with you. and yes we use a chevy 350
    we are currently working on other engine setups. more info in future. please contact me via
    e-mail at

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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    What kind of transmission are you using?

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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    This same thread is currently in the mall section and a few questions have been answered.

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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    its a g50/50 with built by renagade hybreds with a cable side shifter

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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    Josh, good talking with you ;D After talking with Josh the designer of this kit for over two hours today, I must say the kit is real! As far as fitting everythig in the very limited amout of space, You still come into the firewall a few inches, and use a side mounted surpentine belt drive setup. This guy has a twin turbo SBC with a "FAST" onboard computer ignition and custom intake, mounted to a Porsche G50/50 one of Renigades gearboxes and beleive it or not, its bolted into a 3 inch stretched
    chassis. He said he's working on a wedsite with pics so for now all we can do is hurry up and wait ??? His kit will replace the Fiero cradle
    and rear chassis, 5.5" from the rear firewall. all sheet metal is then replaced. There is alot of fabbing with this kit but anyone building
    a 355 knows about fab work. Still in the first stages but when everything is worked out it should be simply amazing. I know everyone is
    still not believing this one, but ask him questions and I'm sure he'll try to explain it as good as he can. Give it time and we'll all see what the
    last five years have been like for this guy. I wish you well and all I can say is try to get the pics up ASAP!


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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    BUMP ;D

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    Re: new v-8 swap for 3inch stretch fiero

    Quote Originally Posted by ducattiman
    BUMP ;D
    Yes, what happened to thsi guy. Using the set up like he mentioned the transaxle must almost touch the rear bumper.

    I would like to see one.

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