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Thread: scratch building

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    scratch building

    id like to build a car this way ,anyone know some of the good sites and literature,to learn this process.

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    Re: scratch building


    there was a thread a while ago about a scratch build process a fellow was goingthrough and I beleive Powerhouse was looking into it but did not becaause of shipping costs being too high. I did a quick search just now but coul dnot find the thread. I can't remember what teh thread name or subject was. Scatch build did not come up with anything either.

    There are several sites out there in internet land if you go to your favourite searech engine like Google and do a search on scratch built car bodies or something like that. You should get lots of info.

    Not for the faint of heart though. Given what we have seen here on what you can do, you should not have any problems.

    The most common way I have seen is to build forms that give the shape about 6" apart and filled with styrofoam and covered with bondo or other materials and then a mold is taken from that plug. Another way is to have it machined on a CNC machine but that means you need the 3d drawings and dimensions all done up in a cnc program to be put into the machine. I think that is much more expensive but faster to start up the plug.

    Good luck in your search and keep us updated on what you are heading toward.
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    Re: scratch building

    thanks intrested in the 550,f 50,murcielago,saleen s7,also the enzo.i understand the basics ,but i want to understand the details before i undertake a project like this. ive finally found someone to fund this gig,but i want to know what im doing in great detail before i commit.ive even considered a new design,by a pro [not me].i just want to thoughly research this process and understand how to do it in detail before i commit.the person ive convinced to fund this gig is a personal friend of mine ,the kind of friend i could never replace.any good websites or howtos would or ponters are welcome. mike delaney 706 -820 - 0337

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    Re: scratch building

    Hi Mike ..your lucky to have such a good friend ...I have done it a few times (Fiberglass Workshop L-R -100/200)...Do not under-estimate the time will take months before you have something that could generate income ...even trying to do my Diablo molds from an existing body and trying to do other work on the side to keep income coming in to the company was exhausting .Scratch building I think would requre all your efforts and time to see it thru ... best of luck it is gradifiying to do something original on your own tho ...just be prepared for the "should have done this or that when done" ...any specific questions let me know ...john

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    Re: scratch building

    thanks guys

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    Re: scratch building

    which body do you guys feel like ,would have the biggest demand for.ive made up my mind, im going to do this ,this winter.i dont really like hot rods[34 fords,55 chevysetc.].id really like to have a product that i could make a little money from.something that would appeal to people with spending power.any suggestions

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    Re: scratch building

    s7 seems to be popular, and an accurate f50 would surely turn heads. the current one is just ing all the time
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    Re: scratch building

    S7 is good, I think you may want to look into doing your own also, just look how the Attack has taken off. I even heard its going to go through the auto show next year "something to the fact". I would also look into doing just upgrade parts if you have the room, such as replacement noses, tails, custom scoops and spoilers.
    I am hoping to be making replacement tail lights for Fieros and Cameros out of sheet metal, sounds ugly but just wait to see them!

    Whatever you end up doing I am sure it will be really cool and I can not wait to see what you come up with, reach for the stars Mikey!!!!
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    Re: scratch building

    The S7 would be great. Factory Five Racing offers a Saleen look alike but not the real deal.
    As a Ford fan and owner of a Ford Lightning, Cobra and a 97 Saleen (#205), I would want a realistic S7 too.
    Saleen is almost as bad as Ferrari is with copyrights though. I have even had Saleen pull some of my eBay auctions for selling their stuff. I tried to sell my OEM saleen 200MPH gauges and they pulled it because they said it is a saleen exclusive item that cannot be purchase aftermarket. The only way to get them is by buying the real deal and they do not want just anyone with a mustang getting a hold of them. Even Ferrari has not gone to those lengths to stop kits.
    I was also told by Saleen that they actually pay people to monitor and surf the web to find saleen replica items.

    Making a S7 replica and advertising it would be hard to do. They may even send their attorneys after you.
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