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Thread: Ferrari Windshield

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    Ferrari Windshield


    Did anyone receive the windshield from Trevman? Do you believe that it will work for a 308 or 328 replica as well? What was the final price for the windshield?


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    Re: Ferrari Windshield

    I was JUST driving home from work tonight wondering the same thing! Looking forward to getting my Countach windshield soon. 8)

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    Re: Ferrari Windshield

    Does anyone have contact info for this guy? If so, please post it. Thanks.

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    Re: Ferrari Windshield


    I can be contacted direct by email
    phone is 011-613-9733-2317


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    Re: Ferrari Windshield


    The windshield shipment from Trevor is due in by the end of July. With any luck on the shipment, we can give you a much better answer after we get them mounted in our cars rather than shooting from the hip on the fit. I believe it will work but we need a few more weeks to give you a better answer. You will need to modify your hood and build a tray between the existing windshield mounting point extending out 8 inches to mount the bottom of the new windshield. Then you have the hood latch and wipers to build next if it is anything like my 355 replica build.


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