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Thread: Countach mirrors

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    Countach mirrors

    Are the Countach mirrors the same as on the Fiat X19?...attatched is a pic of the Fiat X19 mirror...they look very close to the Countach but I'm not sure if they are the same...can anyone tell me...thanks
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    Re: Countach mirrors

    Vitaloni mirrors they are also used on Pantera (Euro models only)
    we bought I think the last sets from elec.a pair for 325USD.

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    Re: Countach mirrors

    * Vitaloni Baby Turbos are what are used. I found mine on Ebay for a steal! Of course I had to loose about ten other auctions before finding mine. As far as the X19, consider this,,,,,, Bertone used some of the same parts on both the Countach and the X19. I just got a set of dash vents from E-bay for $20(s&h included). Of course, once again, I lost about ten bids up to $50 plus shipping on other sets of these. And what about the Trunk release levers? SAME! the rear push type dome light? SAME! The above mirror looks just like the baby turbo and looks to be a good possibility.

    BTW,,,, front turn signals are the same as a Subaru xt,,,,, Go figure!* * 8)

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    Re: Countach mirrors

    I did a quick search for "Baby Turbo Mirrors ",there are a quite a few web sight refering to this term.Heres a prety good sight.
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    Re: Countach mirrors

    You can buy them at Canadian tire...however they don't have the adjustor as seen in the first pic I posted...just wondering if they are the same mirror..they look very close
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    Re: Countach mirrors

    Baby Turbo sounds like what I got, they were being discontinued from Pep Boys, $40. I'd really like to put the Fiero electronics inside them, but we'll see. I'm just glad I can finally start to work on it again!

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