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Thread: rear wing

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    rear wing

    I need to mount the rear wing (whale tail) on my countach, What is the best way to attach it to the
    rear deck lid that will give it good support.
    I was thinking of glassing in some threaded bolts to the rear wing.
    Thank You

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    Re: rear wing

    I would suggest making some metal that could be welded to the existing metal supports of the deck lid... if there is any. If not, running some metal tubing from the hinge to the wing, then to the latch would be a great idea. I never have been able to trust the fiberglass alone to hold the wing. It may not happen, but I can just see the wing and part of the decklid breaking off and flying into someone's windshield behind you... or worse yet... falling on the concrete and chipping the paint!!! ;D Just my personal opinion.


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    Re: rear wing

    I suggest 1/2" threaded rod running inside the wing stands. If you wing is still in 2 pieces, upper and lower, it should be easy to do.
    Add round tubing around the threaded rod so that it can not be overtightened and crack the deck lid or wing.


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    Re: rear wing

    LarryBud is building a Lambo.

    I would bet he has the inside skinny on how to do this part. I believe his wing is mounted to his car and he is on this site when he is not traveling in Europe with his family...


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    Re: rear wing

    I also did the basically the same thing as Jim said to do.... I ran my 1/2"rod down through the wing, then stands, and then through your trunk and bolt it down. I used rubber gaskets between the then wing and the stand and also between the stand and trunk. Under the trunk I used a piece of 8"flat steel for support, when I torqued down the nuts....

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