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Thread: track width

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    track width

    What is the procedure for getting the front and rear tires to the correct width,
    on a lamborghini countach.
    Are spacers generally used to increase tire width.
    Thank you

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    Re: track width

    the easiest way to get the rears where they should be is to get a wheel in an offset that puts the wheel right. the fronts are much differant. you dont want to use spacers on the front. it will change the arc of the wheel in a turn and could cause rubbing problems. your best bet would be a wide track front suspension from held motorsports

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    Re: track width

    You will need to purchase a wide track suspension.The width of a Labo is much wider than the Fiero.Spacers or wheel adapters can be used ,but this puts pressure on the wheel bearings.Wider rims can also be used,but thats a wide set of rims,maybe 4 inches wider than stock (more or less depending on what kit you have or are getting).For safety get the wide track suspension.
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