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Thread: Daytona Seat Headrest

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    Daytona Seat Headrest

    Does anyone know if one of the aftermarket kit car interior companies make a headrest similar to the sweepback style used on the Ferrari Daytona seats?

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    Re: Daytona Seat Headrest

    If you take your seat apart it is easy to change the shape of a headrest. Just glue on high density foam or remove the foam and then cover it.

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    Re: Daytona Seat Headrest

    I saw some seats at Mr. Mikes once that were Fiero on the bottom and Firebird on the top. The Firebird seat back has a removable head rest that can be modified to curve to the rear like the Daytona. The Firebird and Fiero seats are a bolt together type deal.

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    Re: Daytona Seat Headrest

    Thanks for the replies. I'll pull one of the headrest apart and see how it is constructed.

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