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Thread: turbo sound

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    turbo sound

    go to e-bay type turbo sound in best on after market exhaust. take 4 of them to midas etc have them cut off the bracket and install right up to the exhaust[about 3 " in. the sound is zero at idle. after that, exhust sound plus medium pitch whistle . sounds better than a regular 355 or lambo and you cant see 2 cents worth to this a1 forum

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    Re: turbo sound

    Yeah but wouldn't folks flick you crap about whistling out your a$$ rather thn from under the good where it SHOULD be? For all the Turbo cars I own and have seen, NONE of them except my Fiero which has a motor in the rear, sound like the Turbo is under the rear bumper.

    I would think that would be kinda, well... I giveaway and toss you immediately into the "poser" catagory.

    my .02 cents worth. Wouldn't put it on my car.



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