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    355 engine

    has anyone thought of taking thos lambo engine fibreglass v12 covers and sanding off all the lambo stiff and using it to cover a v6 fiero motor. it would be easy to add ferrari head cover labels etc. i know someone bought all the intake etc stuff for a 355 and was thinking of molding an authentic 355 cover but i think george bushes daughter will be president by the time that ever gets done

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    Re: 355 engine

    That was me that got the 355 engine items. I do not have the knowledge to back fit them to the 2.8L in a timely manor.

    The problem with using the lambo cover is that it is for a car with an 11" stretch and no trunk. It might be too long to fit properly on the 2.8L and not hit the passenger compartment of a stock wheelbase or even a 3" stretch.

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