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Thread: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

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    Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    Just finished the 720 mile trek from Allentown PA to Tennga GA.

    Heres the description....

    "...Calipers are stock 88 Fiero. Russell braided stainless brake hoses, I put plastic split loom over them for abrasion resistance. The rotors have flash rust on them from being washed, but if you look closely you can see they still have the cross hatch machining marks on them. They are from '94 Corvette. The edges and centers are painted with high temp gray to look like bare metal. Rear struts are KYB with 300 lb QA1 coilovers. Front shocks are Gabrial. The bushings have all been replaced with Prothane except for the sway bar frame mounts which are stock. All of the above mentioned parts are new, and I mean new as in less than 500 miles on them. Also has new rear wheel bearings both sides, new inner and outer tie rods, new steering rack bushing, and all new ball joints. When I rebuild suspension/brakes I do it right.

    The engine is from a '94 Cutlass Supreme. The first engine I had in this car was from a '91 Z34, but it had a rod knock so I pulled it out. Further inspection revealed a spun bearing/ bad crank, so I just replaced the engine with the one I already had from the '94 Cutlass. I wasn't about to install another bad engine, so I opened it up before I installed it. At 90k the bearings were showing some wear so I replaced them. I had already put a new timing belt and pulleys on the '91 engine, so I just swapped them over to the new engine. I also replaced the rear main seal and the upper and lower intake gaskets. The plugs are Bosch platinum +4 and the wires are new AC Delco. The alternator is new, I had to buy a new one because the one from the '91 engine didn't fit. The cold air intake is 3.5" mandrel bent steel tubing with a K&N type lifetime filter. The bottom portion of the trunk has been cut out for exhaust clearance and a new bottom welded in, it is nicely carpeted.

    ...As I told you earlier, the suspension and brakes have just been completely rebuilt, I have receipts for the parts. The engine also got a minor overhaul when I installed it, and I have the receipts for that. Most of the receipts are dated early May 04, that should give you some idea just how fresh this car is. The chassis has no signs of ever being hit and has a clear title. I can't give you any warranty, but I will give you a verbal garantee that the car is in perfect mechanical condition. I'm a professional full time mechanic for Toyota but Fieros have been a part time job for the past several years.

    ...The car is an '88 coupe, 5 speed, '91 3.4 DOHC with 90k miles. I just overhauled the engine, replaced the rod and main bearings, timing belt, tensioner and idlers, and seals. New alternator. The exhaust is 2.5" mandrel bent stainless steel with a catalytic converter and a Dynomax Ultraflow muffler, all stainless steel from the manifold to the tips. The suspension has been completely rebuilt; polyurethane bushings all around, all new ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, rack bushing, shocks and struts, wheel bearings, rear coilovers. All new brakes; braided stainless hoses, 12" corvette rotors. 16" wheels with new Kumho Ecsta 711 tires. Very nice clean interior; no torn seats, new headliner, tach recalibrated and refaced with 7k redline. The car was just professionally painted bright red last week, in fact I'm not completely finished assembling all of the trim. It has a Dodge Shadow spoiler on the rear and one of my extractor vents on the front hood. It's an awesome car to drive, not as fast as a 3800SC or V8, but it has an exotic sound especially at 7000 rpm. I had it to the dragstrip a few weeks ago and ran a best time of 14.38 on the 1/4 mile."

    Waiting to hear from John as to the accuracy of the description.* Buying over the net is nerve wracking.

    I guess the fun begins now.

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    I live in Allentown y didn't u visit me? SpeedofSound lives 40 minutes from here i bet he is upset :'(

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    I didnt go....

    Im way out in cali...

    I had a trucker go get it.

    do you know Rockcrawl from Pennocks?

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    I've got a motor from a 94 Cutlass in Rie's car... but it is a 3100SFI... Looks like a good donor.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    damn!!! that car is sweet...

    i didn't even know rockcrawl had it forsale or i would thought about getting it.

    that's going to be one nice ride.


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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    good looking car modena.its none of my business.and im not even a 355 fan,im just curious,just about everybody that builds an a.d 355 or any other replia builds them as convertibles,but in my opinion the prettiest part of a 355 is the roof ,and i love convts. too,and on most cars the convt.version is the best looking version,but in my opinion and a lot of other peoples,the roof is the most appealing part of the 355,ok im rambling,are you building the spydder version or the lengthened version coupe,you would not believe how much better the coupe looks than the spyder ,again this is only an opinion.and if you have decided on a spyder,just take a long look at the coupe before you make your final decision,they are gorgeous,and on the a.d body you can use the oem qtr. glass and it fits like aglove

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    Mike d I couldnt agree with you more. And I am happy to see you have taken the time to make that keen observation...

    Let me show how much I actually agree..... last month, when I was looking at donors, I actually bought a pre stretched, 3800SC donor off ebay for a great price. At that time I was looking to do a spider because I was made aware of a perfect top solution which was my only worry at the time. I am in sunny california and beleive me, at first, the thought of a coupe was laughable. Images of driving down the coast with the top down ran through my head like a movie rerun.

    One weekend I happened to stroll into the lcoal Ferrari dealership. I walked into the used dept and had an actual epiphany.

    There just happeened to be two 355's sitting side by side...a silver Spider and a red Berlinetta...

    It was almost like an optical illusion...the spider was literally "invisible" sitting next to the coupe.

    The roof line and sexy curves of the coupe said "Ferrari"...the lack of the roofline said "kit". I sat there for 30 minutes just wondering why the coupe dominated the visual experience...simply, it was the sexy, graceful roofline. It is so powerful I cant put it into words.

    I can literally tell you how powerful that experience was.....

    I wen't home that night....sold the cut top donor immediately to a guy that called me to say he missed the auction cause he wasnt home at the time of the closing of the auction but still wanted it if anything went wrong with my build....then went out and literally spent more money on this donor here with a lesser engine, un-stretched, just becasue the top was in tact for a coupe build.

    I called John with the experience I had at the dealership that day and told him of my nid change thinking that he would be like "...that guy dont know what he wants.."

    and you know what...?

    He said that was the smartest thing I could have ever done.....

    He knows full well the visual impact difference between coupe and spider...

    We see a lot fo spiders on here but beleive it or not, John said he's sold 40 coupes to 5 spiders....

    I feel so strongly about it now that If john didnt have a coupe kit available....I would look for a different brand in coupe.

    Incedently Johns kit is the only one out there I know of that incororates a rounded, curved roofline thats trademark Ferrari.

    If you look at the other kits out there closely, they all are designed around the flat Fiero roofline....

    Good eye my man.

    I'll tell you another well kept secret...paint it white....but thats another story.

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    "Your Fiero which weighs about 2700 pounds should complete the 1/4-Mile in about 14.38 seconds, if you can produce about 179.46 HP at the wheels, or about 233.30 HP at the flywheel." That is a quote from a calculator.

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    and that doesn t apply just to the 355,95 percent of all ferraris look better as coupes,i love convertibles,but in ferrari land the coupes are the best looking,if you ever get a chance look at an enzo from above it,its not the biggest 355 fan outthere ,but for some reason,thet dont look good in pictures either,and i cant explain why,but live the coupe will stop traffic.the white thing aint no secret ,ive been to the ferrari dealership many times,for some reason the white 355s are far and away the best looking ones,they look longer for some reason. ill never understand why people build the 355 as a spyder

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    Re: Driver dropping off donor to John's to prepare for the stretch

    I think if I had it to do over again. I would build a Berlinetta rather than a Spider. I too think the coupe version is better looking. I just had to try it once. That way the cigar smoke will roll out easier while cruising the beach with the lovely Mrs. Newman.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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