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Thread: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

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    F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

    My F-50 kit need stretch my Fiero 7 inch but I'm in Taiwan I can't find any one like to do that for me is any option I can have? cut the kit to fit the car? or some kind of widened engine cradle and the suspension to replace the rear of the car? Please help~

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    Re: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

    7 inchs shorter will look goofy I think. Save up and buy a sawzall and a mig welder. It only sounds hard, when you get into the job you will find it easier than you think.


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    Re: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

    Any Automotive machine shop should be able to do that for you or you can do it your self as long as you can weld and cut steel.You will also need to purchase a Wide Track Suspension kit (for your year of Fiero 84-87)This kit will widen the front and rear of the car.There are 2 steps to the build process lenghtining the chassie and widening it.
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    Re: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

    DO NOT shorten the body to fit the chassis. It would look very odd and cost you a fortune and years to get it right. Your f-50 kit is one of the best in terms of accuracy from the pictures I saw of it.

    You could get a tubular cradle made up that replaces the rear of the car. It bolts in the stock fiero location and you can make the track width what ever you need. It will cost about $4000 and you need a v8 motor to be mounted longitudinally to work. Between the cradle, a V8 engine, and a porsche transaxle, 13" disc brakes, and coil-over shocks, you could be into it for $10,000.
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    Re: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?

    I did ask many Automotive machine shop but no one like the idea, tubular cradle sounds like the way to go but 4000USD and the V8 m..... V8 is hard to find in here the only option in here is North star but that will give me more problem, is any way I can use stock V6 with tubular cradle? is any one like to have a free holiday to Taiwan to help me up here? pm me with the portfolio I pay for the fly, funny are you in?

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    Re: F-50 7 inch Stretch help?


    I wish I could fly over to help you. Thanks for the invitation. I think you could contact Dave Held on this forum. He is building the GT-1 replica. He also builds the frames mentioned. He might have a set up using a stock Fiero engine and transaxle.


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