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Thread: adjusting fiero doors

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    adjusting fiero doors

    I am in the process of lining up my doors for my 512tr kit, and have one door I want to move slightly forward (door gap oo small,fendre gap too big) and one that is the complete opposite, my doors already have the skins on them and are shimmed out 2" to swing wider, I have tried loosening the bolts and moving the doors fore and aft but have they havent really moved, anyone have any thoughts? Also the forward part of my right door sticks out a little too far and I was wondering if the bolts attaching the hinge to the door can be loosende and allow me to slide the door inwards slightly, anyone gone through this?

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    Re: adjusting fiero doors

    the hinges dont adjust on the a pillar,the only way to do it is to slot the holes on the hinges,if you can move the skin forward,thats how i would do it ,if you slot holes and move the doors very much it will mess us your sealing on the weatherstips,my doorskins bolt to doors so it is not hard to move them a little.f i needed to move the forward part of my right ft door inward ,i would remove the skin and try to bend the steel in some ,you could move the door inward on the hinges,but not very much ,if you move the door sheel in very much ,the door glass will hit the weatherstrip to soon and make the door hard to shut.what im trying to say is ,if you move the door shell very much by slotting holes you will have,more than3 sixteenths in any direction you will have door sealing can also grind off fiberglass ,a little bit and recontour the forward part of the door if you have to,you can also add to the back part of the fenders to get closer ,better looking gaps.

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