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Thread: Countach Transmission

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    Countach Transmission

    Well this question might be a bit far off our subject of kit cars, but i wanted to see what u guys thought first before i searched else where. Do any of you know of a transmission that would line up with the countach's engine, and reasonably well with the chassis just so it can be tubed out? My friend was telling me some crysler transmision would line up i forget what they said but we are trying to firgure some thing out. Sry if this is a stupid question.


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    Re: Countach Transmission

    You mean a real Countach?...the tranny in a real Countach is bolted under the engine...Not behind like most cars
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    Re: Countach Transmission

    The Chrysler Intrepid transmission is a perfect fit. At least it looks like it. However, I don't think they came in manual shift.
    Audi 5000 or Porsche 915 is another alternative. With these two options you will need to widen the centre console and allow the front of the motor to sit beside you. It will intrude into the Fiero or Tube chassis passenger area by about 6 inches. Some extra stretch cars, 7 instead of 5 inches will give you enough room with modified front pulleys.
    Is this what you are asking Tom?


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    Re: Countach Transmission

    I've posted some photos ( links ) near the bottom of this page:

    I'd be happy to take some more specific photos if you have something
    you would like to see in detail.


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    Re: Countach Transmission

    Dave: Cool site....two thumbs up and I'll definitely keep it in mind...
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