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Thread: Is IFG Good Quality Company?Need Help picking a Company

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    Is IFG Good Quality Company?Need Help picking a Company

    Hello,Im from southern california and im looking for a company to buy from.
    Were going to build a Lamborghini Roadster with a Ls1 Vette Engine.
    We need help choosing a Kit though...please help....

    What do i need to know about IFG?
    Are they a good company?

    What are some other companys in Ca that have good quality kits?

    I am more concerned on the kit fittment when mounting.

    I know IFG kits come with alot more items to their kit, and other companys dont, Is it better to buy a cheaper kit and buy the extras? or is IFG Quality and items worth it.
    Thank You,

    Please help asap, we have already stripped a 86' Fiero and are ready to build. Does anyone know anywhere where i can get info on the things i have to cut on the fiero chassis in order to fit the roadster kit. Diagrams,videos,websites would be appreciated!!!!

    Please email @

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    Re: Is IFG Good Quality Company?Need Help picking a Company

    There are 4 companies that offer kits in Ca. But if you are going to limit it to Ca then IFG is the best you will get. I just recently purcahsed a Diablo 6.0 from Ray at IFG for Jen. I picked up the kit yesterday and the car looks nice (posted: Jen's build process). I am going to see how long this car takes to build. But for starters it seems really easy. I got all the lights installed and hood, door, and trunk latches installed yesterday as well. Now I have to wait for the chassis that I am getting from Ray untill Sat. to really start the build. But so far I haven't had any problems with the IFG kit.

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