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Thread: Fiberglass Type/Weight

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    Fiberglass Type/Weight

    Anybody know what's the best fiberglass mat/cloth type and weight to build automobile body parts????? Thank you

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    Re: Fiberglass Type/Weight

    Guess I better answer this one...I use polyester resin and 1&1\2 ounce mat. On smaller parts like hood scoops or spoilers we use 2-3 layers of mat. On heaver larger parts we would use 2 to three times this amount with additions of balsa wood, marine plywood,or metal for strength.
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    Re: Fiberglass Type/Weight

    Thank you....

    Is mat better than cloth or it's just used in different way or different projects? I thought cloth is stronger, is this true?????

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    Re: Fiberglass Type/Weight

    yes cloth is stronger but it's not flexible. if you've ever watched structural CF being laid out, first of all they never use CF mat (if that even exists) since cloth is woven and will not separate unless given extreme loads, important in CF chassis work. the big issue is cutting up thousands of little bits in order to fit a compount curve like a car body and doing it cheap and fast.
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    Re: Fiberglass Type/Weight

    I like to use 3 layers of mat & back it up with a layer of fine cloth (on the bigger peices). Of course I'm assuming on peices like hoods & such they have an inner panel to reinforce them (if they don't they need to be thicker, unless it's for racing). The cloth makes the part tear/rip-proof, & reinforces it.
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