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Thread: NICE Wheels information

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    NICE Wheels information

    OK, I know this is different for all vehicles. But, if all kits are "about" the same dimensions....................

    For a factory '88 suspension, and an Air Dynamics kit, what wheel spacer size and wheel dimensions has been used before for a "flush" look with the body?

    Has anyone used a spacer that converts from the factory 5X100mm to a more common RWD 5X4.5 or 5X4.75?

    Pics and Ideas would be great.

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    you gotta run searches before you ask these kinds of questions my man.

    The most basic of questions will always find search results. There is so much info on here, you'd be amazed.

    Ari, the one thing wrong with the search engine is that when you read a result, the rest of the results dissapear and you have to re-run the search to read another result...can that be fixed?

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    I'm doing exactly what you are talking about. I'm using Corvette wheels on my car. In the interim, I am just going to use spacers until I get the complete widetrack suspension ready. My spacers will convert from 5x100 to 5x4.75.

    Get in touch with Dave (FunnyWheels). He can get you the best quality spacers and at a great price. Sadly, there is no standard because if depends on the wheels you use. It depends on how thick the back of the hub is and what the backspacing is. They will all be fairly close to the 2" front/4" rear but not exact. Dave can help you figure exactly what you need and help you order them.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    I guess what I'm getting at is.............

    If I buy a set of RWD wheels, 18X9.5 rear with 4.5 inch backspacing, and fronts 18X8 with 4.5inch backspaing, is ther a spacer that I could buy based on that? Or would I need to actually measure , after the body is installed and the spacers are on the vehicle? I was just wanting to see if there is a huge variation between actual rotor front / hub face to where the wheel actually sits in the wheel well between other builds.

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    No, there is not.. With those measurements Dave can get you into a set of spacer/adaptors that will work. The variation is in the wheels, not in the car.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    i think you will have a problem finding a rwd wheel with 4.5 inch backspacing,unless you have them made and the price is insane,most commercially available wheels ive seen that wide ,the backspacing is more like 7 .5 inches,id like to find some 4.5 that were affordable,where were you going to get them,im just curious.youll need a 3 or 4 inch adaptor on the rear usually for most of the kits ive seen,ive got 3 and a qtr. inch on mine and i still would like to have a half inch more and my wheels are 52 mm positive offset.if you have a source for rwd wheels with the kind of backspacing you mentioned that are affordable,let me know

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    Well Mike d................. Just click on this link you will be amazed! This is a manufacturer I've purchasedwheels from before, if you look at the 2-piece section through the Eagle Alloys link, they have some pretty nice wheels. There pricing is also very reasonable. I had the 212 Series in a 17X9.5 with 4.5 backspacing at all 4 corners on a Corvette I sold a year ago, If you would llike to see some pics close up of them let me know.

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    OK Now humor me.................

    A factory Ferrari Rear Tire has a size of 265/40R18, This gives a overall diameter of 26.3 inches, and a width of 9.5 inches as listed by a tire manufacturer. A 20" Diameter wheel with a 265/30R20 size, has an over all diamter of 26.3 inches, and a width of 9.5 inches.

    So now knowing that these wheels and tires would all have the same offset either with a spacer or not and that their dimensions are identical, why then do threads on this site say that for large diamter wheels coilovers are required or they won't fit blah, blah, blah?

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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    Quote Originally Posted by Modena
    Ari, the one thing wrong with the search engine is that when you read a result, the rest of the results dissapear and you have to re-run the search to read another result...can that be fixed?
    I'm going to be updating the forum software once again over this weekend hopefully - I'll see if I can tweak the search function at that time.


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    Re: NICE Wheels information

    i wasnt trying to make you mad,ive just never been able to find any wheels that wide with that kind of did you keep the wheels on the vette from rubbing the qtrs. and ft. fenders if you had 5 inches from the mounting surface outward.ive never tried that on a vette,i had a 94 and the offset was 56 mm. positive thats only a little over 2 inches.ive had several 68-82 corvettes and i used 10 inch wheels on the back one time on one of them the wheel had 5 and a half neg.offset and i had to buy those special trailing arms to keep the tires from hitting.could you be confusing backspacing with diameter.i dont understand what you mean when you say wheels and tires have the same offset with or without a spacer.i would like to see some close ups of the vette with a 5 inch positive offset,what series of vette.did you jack up the front and rear with air shocks or something

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