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Thread: BMW V12 Q?

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    BMW V12 Q?

    Alright this is probably a really stupid question but i'm going to ask anyway. Is it possible to get a BMW v12 that they use in the mclaren? I just think that if i got the mclaren repica then i definetly want to at least try to get the engine. What differ's from the BMW v12 mclaren engine to say a 7 or 8 series v12? could a 7 or 8 series possibly be modifyed? I no this will cost probably quit a bit, so dont post your an idiot its to expensive or why do you want to do that? please just anwser the Q and give any feedback you can, dont post reasons why not to do this. thank you

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    Re: BMW V12 Q?

    ??? that is not the attitude to have if you are asking for advice ,you should be open to pros and cons and pick sense out of nonsense..............relax and calm down .

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    Re: BMW V12 Q?

    a) yes
    b) Specially commissioned engine for Mclaren
    c) Yes, can be modified

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    Re: BMW V12 Q?

    The simple answer, if you have the budget to get the V12 from any BMW platform and also the transmision/drivetrain that would work for your application, then by all means, get it. And also, any engine is "upgradeable", no matter what its current state of tune is. Its just a matter of $$.

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    Re: BMW V12 Q?

    the diablo kits here in the uk are starting to use the bmw v 12 engines in them. parrelldesigns and handcraftedcars are there names, i don't know there web sites though

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    Re: BMW V12 Q?

    Eh all

    i will answer ur questions as for the first question no u cant,,,the s70 engine that is used in the Mclaren is a high tuned bmw v12 48 valve,,,even if u find a wrecked F1 there r people out there with more money then u can ever dream about and they will allways out bid u...

    now for the types of v12,,what the Diff? 12 extra valves from the normal v12.....the differents between the F1 and the 7 and 8 series is a lot ,,too much to list,,,

    now alot of people dont really know but there is a 7 different v12 engines,,,YES 7

    i will try to type the list for u

    850i and 750 (M70) 5.0L V12 300Hp
    850 Ci (M73) 5.4L V12 326Hp
    850 CSi (M?) 5.6L V12 380Hp
    B12 6L V12 ?Hp
    Rolls Royce 6.75L V12 ?Hp (model Phantom ,special engine made by BMW)
    760 (M?) 6L V12 ?Hp
    S70 McLaren V12 DOHC

    eh hope that helps u out a bit ;D ;D

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