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Thread: Engine choice?

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    Engine choice?

    Has anyone considered a Honda V-tech engine for a Countach replica with tube chassis...pros? cons?...will Porsche tranny hook up with a custon adaptor plate?
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    Re: Engine choice?

    why not leave it on a FWD transaxle and shove it in the back of the car as is? All you need to do is fiddle with the shifter to get it back to the driver area* :P

    pros would be revs and reliability. cons would be torque and horsepower in general without a turbo. the honda 2000 (rwd btw) has a great engine at 240hp but thats with the turbo.this also means that getting anything above 270hp would require deep deep pockets and a new turbo assembly.
    then there's also the risks of getting too much boost pressure and blowing the engine, in which case a loud low reving NA v8 would seem favorable. the 3-rotor twin turbo rortary engine is also very comparable to the v-tech <twin turbo 3rd gen rx7, very rare even in japan>

    in the end you get great performance and reliability (and fuel economy) but the costs are staggering compared to a cheapo v8* :-[
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