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Thread: Door speakers?

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    Door speakers?

    Alright, you'd think it be easier to find this answer, but I haven't...

    Christmas stereo upgarde--I'm putting some Infinity plates in my sail panels, and then I want to put a component speaker system on my doors--like a pair of 4" round in the door and then a 1" up on the post...

    But what speakers will fit in a Fiero door? Anybody know?


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    Re: Door speakers?

    What door panels are you using? It really shouldn't matter what interior you go with you'll have to fab the speaker enclosures anyways. You should be able to fit a 4-6" slim mount door speaker without any problems Depending if you want to hide them out have them showing. The steel part of the door with most likely have to be trimmed. So location and size shouldn't matter as long as the magnet isn't too deep.

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    Re: Door speakers?

    I'm using the 3.08 from PISA... Are you saying that there are no precut holes/gaps in the Fiero doors (behind the panels) for speakers. Most of the cars I've worked on in the past have had gaps/holes to use...

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    Re: Door speakers?

    Post a pic of the door panels.. Yes, there are holes but as far as gaps go this will depend on the door panel. With any custom interior there is always custom fitting of EVERYTHING You'll be able to fit a nice set of speakers but plan on hanging your door panel and then fingure out where the speaker will be located, drill your center hole and measure everything 5 times before you make the actual cut in the steel. "Especialy depth" I'm going to use 5 1/4" on my doors and build a enclosure on the rear of the center console for a 8" dual voice coil woof. Trying to hide as much as possible.
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