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Thread: F50 kit car wheels?

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    F50 kit car wheels?

    Does anyone know what size of wheels I need for F50 kit car and what type of wheels looks close to the real thing?

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    Re: F50 kit car wheels?

    I need the wheels Size(front) 18x8 or 18x8.5 and (rear)18x13 if anyone know any wheels have this size Please let me know, Thanks!

    I try this guy they have the wheels I want but the price is too high 18x8.5 $955.00ea 18x13 $1255.00ea I'm looking for some thing cheaper~

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    Re: F50 kit car wheels?

    there are 2 type i have found. goto alloy wheels and the make is mvk.the other is goto bbs wheels and type rz

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