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Thread: Countach kit replica dash- suppliers?

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    Countach kit replica dash- suppliers?

    Can anyone suggest a supplier for a clone original countash aftermarket dashboard and console? Stevep914

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    Re: Countach kit replica dash- suppliers?

    E-mail Wraithinnovations. He is a member on this site and he had a fiberglass interior available for sale not too long ago. It was from an IFG kit he was selling.;u=445

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    Re: Countach kit replica dash- suppliers?

    I actually don't have it anymore, but thanks for referring me Larry.

    The interior that I had was pretty straight and easy to make. It would be easy to make it with either wood or FRP pieces glassed together. I was designing one that matched the original a bit better... with the top of the dashboard angling up by the windshield. Do you have a kit already? If so, is it on a Fiero, or tube frame. I chopped my Fiero so the better dash would fit, but it won't fit without some good chopping. If you'd like, I can help you make it if you are up to it. Or I might be able to make it here for you, but shipping is a bee-otch for items like that. Anyway... Let me know if you want some help in some way.

    Otherwise, Check with these places:

    Mirage K is the stock wheelbase and Mirage S is the actual countach wheelbase.

    You might have to call D&R... I didn't see a price for just interior or know if they will sell JUST the interior.

    -LamboShop (click on Options on menu to the left and it's 3rd from the bottom on the list)

    -IFG (not good quality, but you'll probably have to call and find out prices) Bad customer service, so if you can pick up the parts yourself, that would be the best way to go.

    Let me know if you need any help.


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    Re: Countach kit replica dash- suppliers?

    I made my own dash out of 7/16 plywood.. Lucky for me i am close to a Lamborghini dealership who alloweed me to take pictures from a real 25th Countach .. I would upload some picks but i don't know how?? Check over at Ontario-replica-car-club for pics under TheBull and Guywithlambo....

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