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Thread: 512 convertible top tips

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    512 convertible top tips

    anybody know anyone thats built a 512 convt.,ive got 2 coupes and the roof is my favorite part of the car ,but im a convertible nut ,my most favorite car that i ever had was a 72 corvette convt.that i had to sell .anybody have any tips on how to make a 512 into a spyder,i dont even care if it has a soft top,i could live with a set off hard top,ive got a few ideas ,but id listen to any pointers

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    Re: 512 convertible top tips

    Wasn't Carlos' 512 a 'vert?
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    Re: 512 convertible top tips

    Carlos had his car setup with a removable hard top. It was pretty trick! The top center section was the OEM Fiero roof panel that had been wrapped in the conv top material. and the sails were a steel frame. It really looked nice. And the greatest part.. It sealed out water.
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    Re: 512 convertible top tips

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    Re: 512 convertible top tips

    ive seen that car on his site,but i cant understand how he did that .thats the way i would like to do the next one i build.

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    Re: 512 convertible top tips


    I saw Carlos' 512 as well quite a while back and I can explain exactly how he did it.

    I will try to dig up photos but not sure if I still have them.

    The B-pillar was cut away at the back part right up to the interior reinforcing part. The cut is the same as wew do on the 355 Berlinettas to get rid of the B-Pillar width and only have the thin piece behind the side window glass.

    There is a zig-zag (technical term ;D) metal piece that goes up the B-pillar on the inside and the pillar was cut away up to that point. The zig-zag piece was welded to the exterior metal so that you have a slim pillar going up and around the top and down the other side. The rear section of the top frame that normally extends back to the rear window on the Fiero, was also cut away so that the top of the B-pillar was about 1-1.5" wide. Calros then welded hinges to the back part of B-pillar at its base level with the firewall top and then cut the B-Pillar from the front so it hinged back and down on to the engine cover.

    The centre section is the same as the targa section I have from CK3. It was made from the Fireo frame originally but I think he built up some interior panels to finish it off. The front portion of the top sat on a header piece that he made and attached to the roof section just behind the windshield. A rubber seal sat on top of that and the rear section also sat on a piece of metal welded across the top rear section. Also topped with a rubber seal.

    The centre section used latches like we see on the convertible tops and the rear section I cannot remember how he had it sealing down on the rubber. I seem to remember some sort of balde thing that positioned the rear edge of the centre section and then when doing the latches on the front pulled everything down. Something like the way a Sun roof seals.

    If you go into Tech Discussion I have posted pics under "Targa Top has arrived" and it shows pretty much the way a targa top can be built. The targa top I show is from CK3 and it has the rear pillar section custom built as well as the top section but the concept is the same. Only problem with the pillars I have is that the pillar folds down on top of the engine cover when down so you can't open the engine cover when the top is down.

    I also have the windshield header mold from CK3 that can allow for the front to latch and seal down. Dave Newman shows the header piece I sent out to him in his build progress thread.

    I hope that helps and was not too confusing to follow.

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    Re: 512 convertible top tips

    id like to see the pics if you find like to have one of carlos manuals that shows how to do it,but i dont know him.i basically understand howto do it.but every little bit of info helps,thanks don

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