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Thread: Looking for a wide track susp for my 355

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    Looking for a wide track susp for my 355

    Anybody got or know anyone with a wide track suspsension?? I've got a 355 body on a fiero and am wanting to eliminate my spacers. And I'd like to avoid the huge prices Helds charges... I know they're good, but I'd rather not pay more than the rest of the cars worth.. lol.

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    Re: Looking for a wide track susp for my 355

    As the former owner of Held Motorsports, I may be a bit biased... but for $950
    you get a wide track front suspension with adjustable coilovers - and you can
    even upgrade the coilovers to 12 position adjustable shocks and even airbags...


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    Re: Looking for a wide track susp for my 355

    Hi all,

    Try Ryane motorsports....Sorry I don't have a link, have done no buisness with them...I only know that they do offer suspension parts for fieros..........Hope it turns out well.,
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    Re: Looking for a wide track susp for my 355

    Ryane's was the original company that sold the suspension jigs and business to Dave held who then sold to another fellow who is Held Motorsports now.

    I do not beleive Ryane's makes the suspension any longer.

    RCC still make suspension pieces. Wide body and stock I beleive. I don't have the web site but Craig Nadeau and i just did business with them for the 11.25" upgrade brake brackets a couple months ago.

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