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Thread: 1995 US Ford Escort

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    1995 US Ford Escort

    Is there a kit out there for a 1995 Ford Escort chassis and drive train that I own that is wrecked? I am not looking for something performance, just fun.

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    Re: 1995 US Ford Escort

    Sorry never heard of any kit using a Ford Escort as a Donor. Best thing to do is cut the body off and make your own out of left over junk, turn it in to some sort of MAD MAXX thing. Then go out into a field and drive it and beat it until its dead. ;D Thats just my idea, or you could call pick and pull and see what they will buy it for. Good luck

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    Re: 1995 US Ford Escort

    they are really good cars,do some research and find something with a similiar wheelbase and track width and get creative.i used to build a lot of them when they were current cars,i bought several at the salvage auction a few years ago.i liked the aluminum work on the top of the motor.dont get discouraged because its an escort,hell they did a lot better than the may even ba able to cut the roof off and rework the chassis for several different bodies

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    Re: 1995 US Ford Escort

    Hey Dmccrea,
    What model do you have? 2 door, 4 door, wagon? I don't know of kits that were made for it, but I can do some number crunchin to see if any might work. Wheelbase and width would be good too. I can get those, but I am a bit lazy at times ;D What kind of kit styles do you like? Name off some cars to give me an idea.

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