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Thread: info on strengthening the Getrag 282 (or 284)??

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    info on strengthening the Getrag 282 (or 284)??

    hi All;
    if you see this on other forums that is the indicator that the info is elusive........ : I AM looking all over for this!!

    I am searching hi and lo for info that I DID once see posted for a Getrag 282 regarding a H D rebuild ie for racing, and strengthening the casing and the tranny overall. Among other things it included welding some reinforcing metal in around the axleshaft exit points from the casing and other items.

    I didn't pay much attention at the time as I didn't have a 282. But now I have a 284 and I am planning on using it and I guess ABusing it, and I wanted to got thru that info again to see if it might be generic in nature and anything might apply to the 284.

    If anyone has any idea/info/input on this topic I would appreciate hearing from you; either here or PM or email. I will post whatever comes out of it for the general interest.

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    Re: info on strengthening the Getrag 282 (or 284)??

    I would try Rodney Dickman for that information.

    He may know of someone who builds them for IMSA or SCCA racing from the old days.



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