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    360 Modena

    What's up guys,

    This question is probably more for the experiences builders. If you were going to strech a FIERO for a CUSTOM(homemade out of fiberglass) 360 modena, how much would you stretch it? Anyone can take a shot at this but would perfer if you have been researching this.

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    Re: 360 Modena

    the fiero has a wheelbase of 93.4in the 360 Modena has a wheel base of 102.4 so you would need a stretch the fiero 9in to get the same wheelbase as the 360, you could go with non-stretch,3in,5in,7in but the 9in is the correct one..non-stretch would look to short 5in might look good 7in would be close and hard to tell just by looking at it.but if your going to do a 7in you might as well go for the 9in.. theres more specs at this website..$Ferrari@$360%20Modenax.html

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    Re: 360 Modena

    True if you want to go for an identical replica & use genuine bumpers etc.

    The other option if you are carving/producing all the panels yourself is to shrink all the dimensions of the car slightly but keep everything in proportion. This means smaller spacers are required for the wheels & less of a stretch. The difficult area is behind the door. If you did go this route the door frame itself could be reduced in size & a new striker plate added i.e. the whole door opening would be smaller.

    Doing it this way means that in theory you could get a car that looks right but is on an unstretched car. The car would be 9% smaller than an original 360 but would you be able to tell?

    Also this would have the advantage of making an 18 inch rim look like a 19 inch would on the genuine, bargain!

    Just a thought!

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    Re: 360 Modena

    If I was to do a 9" stretch on a fiero (mind you not the simple 3" moving the cradle), I would get back clip from another fiero of similiar year.* I would cut the chassis of the main car long, say about 9" from the firewall and cut the chassis for the rear clip at the firewall.* This way when you put the two together, you have ONLY 1 SEAM and you now have 9" extra.* I've seen it done for a diablo of 11" so I know it can be done.* When done right, its VERY strong and hard to tell there was even any cutting, since you have only 1 cut.

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