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Thread: want advice and webs for kit car

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    want advice and webs for kit car

    Hi my name is austin and i am 16 years old i have decided to hand build my own custom car here is a little background on men i am live in arkansas and own a auto repair shop with my father and a friend i have done lots of motor and body work and i can weild my father is a motor head from the late 60's early 70's and loves kit cars and big blocks, my uncle is a weilder so i have all the resources as far as labor covered i just need some web sits for ideas and parts and some advise so if u could send me some webs sites and maybe some pics of kit cars yall have done i would be greatful for it

    what i plan on building
    i am using a rx-7 motor and transmission
    i have not decided on weather to build it in one person or two passanger
    i plan on using the carbureted version of the rx-7 motor so that i will not have to deal with a computer and its loom
    i think i want to build it to look like a ultima
    i want to make the car about 4 to 5 feet wide by 8 to 10 feet long

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    Re: want advice and webs for kit car

    i forgot to add that i own a 1986 formula fiero am presently puting to gether a turbo charged yamaha r6

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    Re: want advice and webs for kit car

    Welcome, So you're in Arkansas, cool. I just bought property in Cherokee Village, Arkansas off of Seminola. It is really nice out there. Anyways back to your questions. I have a site that I have built that has 2 kits that I am working on. The site is I really have not updated it much but I hope this will give you some ideas.

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