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Thread: Stretch or Widen?

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    Stretch or Widen?

    Greetings everyone,

    Starting my own custom exotic car and need some ideas.
    Do you find that a Fiero is wide enough after putting on wider tires?
    or how many people would have liked a wider car?
    My ideas were to either:
    Use my Fiero and stretch it BEFORE the firewall to add either backseats, or i'm leaning more towards a subwoofer wall in the back. I don't think I could take haveing a sweet car without a sweet system.
    If you were to stretch a Fiero before the firewall how would YOU go about doing this?

    Other option is to start with my 86 Caprice Classic and merge it with the Fiero to have an already long wheelbase car and really wide.

    Tires for either choice would most likely be the common choice of tires for lambos wider in the back like 335/35/17s and smaller in the front. This would make the Caprice even wider. I'd also want to incorperate cheap airsuspension, meaning for the Fiero shock relocation and fabing brackets to hold thos $50 firestone airbags Caprice suspension would need less Fab in suspension but more in engine mounting and the rear end assebly.

    If i'd use the Caprice insurance would be a bit cheaper.
    Either choice would have the 425 POB Engine with TH425 Transaxle

    So far the design is looking kind of like an older style Lambo Countach But with Delorean Style Gull-Wing doors with the top sections removable, so in essence a Lambo Gull-Winged Convertable.

    Just looking for some input and ideas from everyone, 2 brains (or more) are better then one
    I'd like your opinions, ideas and advice would be great.

    Brian vT

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    Re: Stretch or Widen?


    This would be, indeed, an ambitious project.

    I think anyone of the ideas you have above could work if you were prepared and able to do all the work so ensure safety. As you know, most of us have stretched the Fiero behind the firewall and there is lots of info on how to do that.

    Stretching in the tub scection woudl be more difficult I think because of all tehother pieces that il be moved around but technically it could be done. I would add a frame strengthening piece under whatever frame you use to make sure the spilt and welded frame is soilid. Also different info and ways of doing that.

    If you are going to cut up and stretch through the tub, what about looking at a custom frame from scratch? Might be an option there as well. The amount of additioonal work we have all done on our cars, I wonder sometimes if it woudl not have been easier to start with a scratch built frame.

    Good luck as everything is possible. Just need to sit and think about the amount of work you are prepared to move into.


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    Re: Stretch or Widen?

    friend of mine has a 5"stretch lambo that was done in the cockpit just in front of the shifter can be done ...does add more leg room ...if you do it in the engine bay it makes more room for eng swaps ...all depends on what you want I quess

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