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Thread: A question on the Audi transmisions..

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    A question on the Audi transmisions..

    Ok I've seen quite a few posts/links/places that tell of the Audi 5000 transaxle being used behind a V8... I had an 86 5000 turbo, and I know they are a strong tranny. What I'm wondering, is what (if any) mods need to be done to it to work? Obviously an adaptor plate to attach them, but do you use the V8 flywheel with the audi clutch on it? Do you use the V8 clutch with the Audi friction disk? Does the transmition input shaft need to be shortened/lengthend?

    I supose I should explain a bit.. I have come up with an idea for a project, that may (eventually) be re-bodied. Car will be a mid 80's Audi Coupe GT. From what I know so far, it is entirly possible to swap in a 5000 transmition/quatro system into the old front drive coupes, as the inline 5cyl is shared between coupe, 4000, and 5000, and Audi actually built some coupes like this FROM THE FACTORY for a few years. (basicaly the first Quatro, and for $50,000, a rally car you could drive on the street ) My plan would be to have an all whel drive coupe, powered by some sort of V8. (I have a line on an ex-cop car 351W pretty cheep..) I'm sure the engine will fit in the bay, as the stock 5 cyl is quite long.. I just have no idea how I'd hook it up to the tranny..

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    Re: A question on the Audi transmisions..

    Ask this on Kit Central, since the diablo replica guys regularly use audi 5000 trannies with anything from v6s to bmw v12s. They'll tell you all the details.
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